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EJ Lounge

Important facts about EJ lounge

You can choose the time and day of the week for your class.

In EJ lounge, you can choose the dates of classes based on your schedule.  

You can check with your family and friends and adjust your schedule as needed! Choosing the time of your classes allows for continuity. You can learn at your own pace, and complete the course as slowly or quickly as you need.

Best deals on courses.

Improve your Japanese while living a full Japanese life.
We have set our hourly prices as low as possible to benefit you.

Arrivals and accommodation.

EJ Lounge can recommend accommodation and we can arrange to meet you at the airport. Even if you hope to study with us but live far away, you need not worry as we can recommend accomodation facilities very close to our school. If this is your first visit to Japan, leave it up to us.

Support for the Japanese Language Proficiency Test.

EJ Lounge can offer classes aimed at the Japanese Language Proficiency Test from Levels 5 to 1. We have complete confidence that the 30 hours of classes we offer will be enough for you to pass the test if you study with us.

(Depending on the person.)

A 30 minute Skype Japanese class.

These classes are aimed at people who are busy, have no access to a Japanese teacher near them or who live abroad.
If you have a web camera attached to your computer then you can experience a real time private Japanese lesson.

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Lesson types and Costs

  • First time fees cost 5,000yen as initial commissions in all lessons.​

  • We only accept payment through Paypal.

  • Extra taxes and fees are the clients responsibility.

Private lesson

(one lesson 60 minutes)


30 minute Skype lesson

(5 lessons)


30 minute Skype lesson

(10 lessons)


30 minute Skype lesson

(20 lessons)


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Your application will be sent to both the language school and this website administrator.

If you are under 18-year-old, please download the additional application form, fill in the necessary information and then please upload to the application form below.

Please click on the "Send" button after inputting your information about attending lectures. All future emails will be sent to the address listed on your registration, please confirm all contents upon completion.

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