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Hokkaido College of High Technology

Japanese Language Department


*3 month course is held along with 12 month course, and sum of students of both course is up to 40.

Study points

Point 1

A rich environment where international students can study together with Japanese students and interact closely through joint classes and daily student life. 

Point 2

International students can experience Japanese society and culture through rich extra-curricular activities. 

Point 3

The JJ Examination is administered each quarter and checks Japanese proficiency over 6 sections. 

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Course content

  • Japanese course

Study Japanese with a combination of kanji (Chinese characters), the primary textbook, sentence pattern practice, listening comprehension, reading comprehension, and conversation. 


  • Cross-cultural communication


Joint lessons are held with Japanese students from other departments. Students use each language and pursue studies focusing on group work. Students look forward to these classes as a chance to experience directly the culture and ways of thinking of each country.

Application qualifications

I.  Completion of 12 years of schooling in home country, or equivalency
II.  Passing score, Grade 4 (N5)or higher on the Japanese Language Proficiency Test 
*II. Students without a passing score on grade 4 or higher can possibly participate in an 8-week pre-enrollment preparation course at Hokkaido College of High-Technology   between January and March.


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