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For the success of studying in Japan!

You can find the most suitable course of reliable Japanese language schools at this website!

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Why is it crucial to study Japanese in Sapporo for succeeding in studying in Japan?


Because total costs for studying in Sapporo are lower than those of other major cities in Japan. 


For succeeding in study abroad, it is necessary to master languages in the early stages.
For mastering languages in the early stages, it is necessary to secure times to study the languages.
For securing times to study the languages, it is necessary to reduce times to work part-time.
For reducing times to work part-time, it is necessary to live in a city where living costs and school expenses are inexpensive.
Living costs and school expenses in Sapporo are lower than those of other major cities in Japan. 

Therefore, it is crucial to study Japanese in Sapporo firstly for succeeding in studying in Japan even if you go to a university in another city later.

How can you find the best way to study Japanese?


You can find the most suitable course by considering your situation or case.

Firstly, it is necessary to define your purpose of studying Japanese.
Secondly, it is necessary to know the Japanese-language level which is required for your purpose.
Thirdly, it is necessary to estimate the period to reach that Japanese-language level from your current proficiency.
Finally, you will find a course of that period with the most suitable conditions for you in terms of means, costs and so on.

What is possible at this website?


It is possible to find the most suitable courses of the finest Japanese language schools for you.


These schools seen on this website have different characteristics each other and provide various courses including long-term courses, short-term courses, skype courses, and so on. You can also gain some privileges by applying to these courses from this website. 


If you've already decided the type of your course, you can apply from the following schools.



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  • Long term courses

We proudly provide high quality Japanese education and take a proactive stance in preparation for Japanese universities and/or technical schools. We can offer you a wealth of knowledge, information, and experience in order to make your dream come true.


The Japanese Language Department is for international students seeking to master living Japanese and broaden their future horizons.Students enjoy learning about Japanese society and culture through a variety of extracurricular activities. They take classes which best suit their Japanese level when they begin their studies and their ultimate goal.

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  • Short term or Skype courses

EJ Lounge was founded by a person who wanted to help people improve their knowledge and use of the Japanese language. EJ Lounge created its time table and tuition fees with our customers in mind. Feel free to take advantage of all that EJ Lounge offers. At EJ Lounge, you are able to learn to communicate in Japanese through our home-stay like experiences.

SIL Sapporo Nihongo Gakko is a specialized Japanese language school for students and professionals from all over the world. We provide the opportunity to learn the Japanese language from expert instructors while experiencing Japanese culture on a personal basis since 1992. We are conveniently located only 3 mins from Nishi 18 Chome subway station.

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