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Housings and transportations

Hi, guys! I am a curator of this website. I will offer useful information about Sapporo through this blog. I grew up in Sapporo, then lived in other cities for more than a decade. Now, I’ve come back to Sapporo since last month after working in Tokyo. I am so excited, wow! Glad to see you!!

Now, I will tell you my notion about transportation systems to find housings in Sapporo. I decided to live in a housing near a station on Tozai Line of the city subway. It is so convenient to go to central district by the subway line since it is fast and the number of service is frequent. Another merit is that I don’t have to wait for trains outside, and it is also warm in winter. On the other hand, the fare of the subway is more expensive than that of bus, or streetcars in general. Of course, walking and bicycle are the cheapest method of transportation. However, it is difficult to ride a bicycle in winter because of snow. Thus, it is necessary to consider the pros and cons of each transportation system when you decide your housing in Sapporo.

From now, the blog will be released from time to time, and some topics will be archived based on themes.

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