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Check points of apartments

When I look for an apartment to live in, quality of the building is quite important. I usually consider three points of building. First point is age of buildings. I usually prefer buildings which were built less than 15 years ago because newer buildings are firmer, warmer and safer, in general. Newer buildings may have better conditions in many areas because building technology has developed as time proceeds. Second point is fuel used for heaters equipped the building. Mainly, there are two types of fuel for heaters. One is city gas, and another is propane gas. In fact, the monthly expense of city gas is much cheaper than propane gas. Thus, I prefer city gas to propane gas. Third point is materials used to build. As material of buildings, I prefer reinforced concretes to wooden frames because reinforced concretes have flame resistance and quake resistance. These points are a few of check points of buildings and only my points of view. People have their own check points based on their condition and personality, of course. Anyway, It is interesting to look for apartments!

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