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“Chi-Ka-Ho”: an underground walkway

What made me extremely happy in recent years was the opening of “Chi-Ka-Ho”! I had being wishing it for a long time!

“Chi-Ka-Ho” is an underground walkway which connects the route from Sapporo station to Odori Station. I often walk between Odori station and Sapporo station because each area is one of the busiest commercial zones of the city. I’ve desired this underground walkway since I was a child. I didn’t want to walk the way on the ground on windy and cold days in winter. At last, the underground walkway opened up in 2011!

As there is plenty space in the underground walkway, some events are held there from time to time. Temporary shops sell Hokkaido’s local foods and folk art objects. Usually, pictures and artistic productions are also displayed. When I went there last time, there was a performing busker and he was surrounded by many audiences.

In short, “Chi-Ka-Ho” is not only a convenient walkway, but also an interesting square!

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