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Soup curry

May 13, 2016

It is said that Sapporo is the cradle land of soup curry. This time, I went to the one of the most popular soup curry restaurant in Sapporo. One of its branches is near Sapporo station.


I arrived at the restaurant around 11:15 in the morning and I found many people had already lined up in front of it. Eventually, I had to wait until 12:45. However, it was worth to wait! When the meal was served, I was so impressed because big chicken and vegetables were in the bowl! I haven’t had such a curry before then! 


As it was so nice, I went to its original restaurant in residential zone few days later with my friend! Its building looked very sophisticated and smelled so good. The only thing I felt sorry was that we had to wait for a table for too long to catch our flight.

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