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Shin-Sapporo area

As previously noted, Shin-Sapporo area is a transportation hub and this unique area has many attractive factors. One of attractiveness is its food. When I went there last time, I found a Taiwanese restaurant, Tainan kitchen. Among many inexpensive Taiwanese foods, Spicy Taiwanese noodle and pork bowl attracted me.

I also found a nice bar, cafe LIBERTA, in Shin-Sapporo Meiten-Gai (street of specialty stores). At the bar, I had two glasses of drinks with some slices of ham. These costed only 1,080 yen. In my mind, I pledged to come to this bar again. Next to the bar, I found a ramen noodle restaurant, Ikkyu. I am so interested in the restaurant because it serves Tantanmen, spicy ramen noodle. Next time, I will try it.

Shin-Sapporo has several large malls which have a lot of cafés, bars and restaurants because there are stations of train, subway and bus terminal and many people come in this area. Most of customers seem local commuters, so prices of foods may be reasonable in this area.

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