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Satudora is a local drug store chain. It was called “Sapporo drug store” before, and “Satudora” stands for this past name. I love it so much because it seems to supply the cheapest daily commodities in this area. You can buy not only drugs but also drinks, foods, stationery, cosmetics and so on.

However, there are not so many classes of goods. For example, if you want to buy milk, you can choose only one type which is stocked in abundance. I think that’s why it can supply products with extremely low prices.

Now, there are many stores not only in Sapporo but also in other cities. It may be the reason to erase “Sapporo” from its past name. Thus, if you start to live in and around Sapporo, you may be able to find a store of Satudora near your house.

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