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Shiden means “Streetcar of Sapporo” and it runs in residential and commercial zones in central part of Sapporo. It used to run in larger area before subway was introduced. It is still one of important transportation for local people. It is also fun to take a train of Shiden as sightseeing to see the view of this city.

The minimum fee of Shiden is cheaper than that of subway. So it may be a good idea to live near a station of Shiden. On the other hand, number of its train cars is one or two, and its ability to transport people is less than subway. It is also hard to wait for Siden at a station on a cold day.

Nowadays, Shiden is revalued again because it is suitable for current circumstances of the city. The railway has been expanded a little in the central district and it has become a circulation railway. I was surprised to hear cost of the expanding construction. It seems more expensive than Shincansen per length. Anyway, I want to believe this construction is worth to invest.

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