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Otaru Orgeldoh

Otaru is a city next to Sapporo. Otaru prospered by coal mining, trade, fishing and finance, and it was a bigger city than Sapporo. Population of Otaru has decreased because all these industries have shrunk.

Nowadays, the main industry of Otaru is tourism and Otaru Orgel Doh is one of the most famous places among tourists. Orgel, music box, is sold in this shop literally. You might think it is not so rare to hear that. The astonishing point is the scale of this shop. From first floor to the top floor, there are a lot of music boxes. From small to big, you can buy many sorts of music boxes. I took two tourists to the shop. They seemed to enjoy seeing these beautiful products.

By the way, I wonder how this shop will deal with the fragile products when an earthquake happens. This shop must have some insurance contracts which cover the damages of the products. Or they might be much stronger than they seemed.

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