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Donichika Ticket

Donichika Ticket is a one-day subway pass for weekends and holidays. It costs only 520 yen for adult. It is quite cheap and useful.

For example, it costs 320 yen from Shin-Sapporo station to Odori station. So if you make a round trip between these stations, it costs 640 yen. As a result, it is better to buy Donichika in this case. Even if you go to another station, it doesn’t cost additionally, of course.

One of good ways to use this ticket is for sightseeing. You can hang out in Sapporo by this ticket. Subway is faster than bus or streetcar when they go on same routes. It means that you can save not only money but also time by this ticket. It is quite suitable for sightseeing. Don't you think so?

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