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Moiwayama means Mt. Moiwa. This mountain locates southwest of Sapporo and it takes about 25 minutes from the central district by streetcar. The height of this mountain is 531 meters.

Since it is near from the central district, this mountain is famous for sightseeing. For example, the Mountaintop observatory is one of the most famous sightseeing spots in Sapporo. To go there, rope-ways and Maurice cars can be used. It is said that Maurice car is the first mini-cable car in the world. It seems like a tram.

When I went there last time, it was clouded. Before arriving at, I had thought that I could see the view of city, to some extent. In fact, I could see nothing from the observatory. It is better to go there on sunny days. You can buy discount tickets of the ropeway and Maurice cars if you live in Sapporo.

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