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Notification of the new content, “Schools in Sapporo”

November 1, 2016


We are happy that we can give you the notice that we’ve started a new content, “Schools in Sapporo”. In this content, you can find the finest schools in and around Sapporo. If you want to study in and around Sapporo, you can find your favorite school from this corner. You can also contact or apply to the school from its each page.


There are two tips about it. One is about long term courses. In Japan, many of long term courses start in April usually. To enroll a long-term course which starts in April, an application should be submitted by the beginning of December at the latest.


Another is about short term courses. Many short-term courses and skype courses accept applications anytime. On the other hand, some seasonal courses set their deadlines to apply. Thus, we recommend you to check the deadlines of these courses on our website. 

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