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Sapporo Citizen Disaster Prevention Center: Storm wind experience corner

In the end at this facility, we experienced storm winds. In a room, we wore glasses, grabbed poles and were blown by winds of which speed reached at maximum 30 meters per second. Before starting, I thought that this speed might be no big deal as compared with a typhoon, but it was wrong. During blowing the wind, I tried to take pictures. At first, I could take pictures somehow. However, it became impossible at the end due to the extreme wind. I just tried to endure and waited for the end. I felt pain in my face, beaten by the band of my camera. I learned three lessons. Lesson: 1, don’t try to take pictures on strong windy days. Lesson: 2, don’t go out on strong windy days. Lesson: 3, 30 meters per seconds are enough strong winds. It was worth to try it to learn lessons.

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