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The scholarship of Japan Student Services Organization, JASSO

There are some scholarships to study in Japan. These scholarships provided by various organizations have different qualifications, conditions, amounts, periods and number of grantees. Therefore, it is quite important to find out a suitable one for you if you want to use a scholarship.

Among these scholarships, Monbukagakusho Honors Scholarship for Privately Financed International Students of JASSO accepts a large number of grantees. The grantees of this year were 8,070. Its application period in every spring depends on schools which you apply through. This scholarship can be used by various students including undergraduate students, university preparatory course students, and Japanese language institution students.

However, the monthly stipend of that for most cases isn’t enough to live and study in Japan. Thus, it should be regarded as subsidiary incomes. If you want to apply for it, please check the website of JASSO.

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