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Bikkuri Donkey

Bikkuri Donkey is a hamburger restaurant of a chain. The headquarters of the chain is in Sapporo and more than 300 restaurants are across the country. There are many restaurants around Sapporo.

Many buildings of Bikkuri Donkey are unique since they are decorated by lumber or stones. One of these restaurants puts a plane on its rooftop! Bikkuri means “surprised” in Japanese. Thus, its name shows its characteristic directly. On the other hand, its dishes are relatively simple but tasty and inexpensive. In addition, it serves German beer and its original beer.

I often go to Bikkuri Donkey. In the afternoon on a hot summer day, I went there to cool myself. The price of its iced coffee was only 250 yen. It was cheaper than that of most café in this city. I have to emphasize again that it is a restaurant, not a café.

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