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Additional note: New Chitose Airport

Although I wrote about New Chitose Airport a few days ago, I went to this airport again. As I arrived at this airport a little earlier than my flight, I hang out in it for a while. I visited some shops to buy souvenirs and sampled some food.

At the main place, I met a strange character which seems a girl (see the above picture). It might be difficult to guess what it represented. In reality, the character promoted some rice brands.

It encouraged me to sample three types of rice. Each type of rice had different taste and I found the rice I ate last was the tastiest. After the tasting, I was asked to write a questionnaire about it. It said that the tastiest rice was actually the rice I eat every day. They gave me the packaged rice in compensation for the questionnaire. A few days later, I gave it my friend as a souvenir.

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