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New Shiroishi ward office

The new ward office of Shiroishi started its operations at the new building in this month. Many people came to this new office on the opening day. They were local residents, local assemblymen, camera mans, reporters, businesspersons and so on. Some of them came to attend its opening ceremony.

I came here to explore the new office. This 6-floor building contains a cafe, a museum, an inhabitants hall of the ward, two libraries, and many divisions. Somehow, its appearance seems old fashioned. Because of it, I had misunderstood that this building was renovated. However, it might be functional and useful than I thought.

By the way, I am writing this article at the new office because it is warm here. During winter, it might be a good idea to work at this office for saving the expense of heating in my house unless I am kicked out. I hope that the staff at this ward office don’t notice this blog.

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