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Soup curry restaurant: Magic Spice

As I previously noted, soup curry is a specialty dish in Sapporo. Magic Spice is one of the most famous soup curry restaurants in not only Sapporo but also Japan. While Magic Spice has some branches in several cities in Japan, I went to its original store in Sapporo this time. Firstly, I was surprised a little to see its exotic building. Although it was a weekday, many customers had come. When I chose my order, I could choose its degree of hot flavor. Usually, I prefer spicy foods. However, I hesitated to order spicy one after seeing a customer who had suffered its hot flavor. He sweated a lot on a cold day. So I ordered a vegetable curry which was the second lowest degree of hot flavor. Its taste was nice and waitresses were friendly, but the degree of its hot flavor was not enough for me. He might sweat because of another reason. Next time, I will order spicier one.

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