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Munich Christmas Market in Sapporo

Sapporo has been a sister city of Munich in Germany since Olympic Games were held in both cities in 1972. As the 30th anniversary of this relationship, Munich Christmas Market in Sapporo started in 2002.

In the venue of Odori Park, there are many stands and food stalls. A few days ago I went there to buy some snacks for a lunch. Since I went there in the morning, not so many visitors were in the venue. Some of them seemed tourists.

When I bought a snack at a food stall, the staff talked to me. Since he seemed a foreigner, I asked if he had come from Germany. He said he had come from Chili. He had come to Sapporo to help his cousin’s restaurant. He complained that it was cold in Japan and said that it should be hot in his country at this time. I agreed with it.

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