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Sapporo White Illumination

Sapporo white illumination is an event which displays electric spectaculars in the parks and the main streets of the downtown. The events have been held since 1981.

This event is held since early winter because it started for attracting tourists in low season. In summer, they come to Sapporo to get relief from the heat. In addition, they come to see snow festivals in the depth of winter. The local business wanted to attract tourists between these two high seasons.

On a warm day in this winter, I went to Odori Park to see the illuminations. It was much more impressive and gorgeous than what I though and many people came to see the fantastical lights. On the other hand, it seemed the majority in the venue was the local people. While I knew some local people were looking forward to the event, I wondered how many people came to see it from oversea. To become more famous, PIKO TARO should be called to this event.

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