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Tanukikoji shopping arcade

December 15, 2016

Tanukikoji shopping arcade is one of the oldest shopping malls in Hokkaido. This 1 km shopping mall is located between Odori station and Susukino station and has about 200 shops.


Tanukikoji has been popular because it is covered by roofs. Customers don’t have to be annoyed by rain and snow. However, young customers now tend flow into other new shopping malls around Sapporo station. On the other hand, more foreign customers have come to this mall to buy souvenirs. It seems that this traditional shopping mall has found a new role in addition to a local market.


I sometimes visit Tanukikoji to take my friends from other regions. While I don’t buy anything, they buy a huge amount of souvenirs. Although I saw them having huge bags, I had no chance to know what they actually bought in this mall.


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