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Nakajima Park

It is easy to go to Nakajima Park from the downtown of Sapporo. It takes only a few minutes from Odori or Sapporo station by the subway Namboku Line. After going out from the exit of Nakajima Koen Station, you will find this park soon.

Nakajima Park has a concert hall, an astronomical observatory, a puppet theater for children and some historical buildings. In summer, a big festival is held in this park. Nowadays, many people come to this park on weekends because here is a famous Pokemon spot.

Although Nakajima Park is located next to Susukino, the notorious amusement area, this park is so beautiful. When I passed through this park, I was astonished by its beautiful view. So I took pictures by my smartphone. On the pond, a pair of ducks was swimming. After I saw the view for a while, I left at a fast walk because it was cold. I wonder that ducks don’t feel cold by touching the water.

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