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The reasons to study in Japan

We've found who studies in Japan at the previous article. Then, we want to find why they study in Japan.

Firstly, about the purpose of studying in Japan, 53.2% of respondents come to earn degrees in Japan, and 47.3% study in Japan for acquiring skills and knowledge to gain employment. 44.3% come to Japan to gain employments there.

Secondly, about the reason to choose Japan, 59.5% of respondents come to Japan because they were interested in Japanese society about Japanese culture and wanted to live in Japan. 47.3% wanted to study Japanese language and Japanese culture and 35.8% were attracted to the education and study of universities and so on in Japan.

Thirdly, in terms of collection information about study abroad, 46.5% asked relatives and friends and 45.6% searched the Internet while 33.7% asked teachers in their schools (JASSO 2016).

Therefore, it can be said that one of the typical international students in Japan come to Japan to get a degree because he or she was interested in Japanese society, Japanese language or Japanese culture based on information from him or her relatives or friends.


JASSO 2016, survey of the living condition of private foreign international students, viewed 15 December 2016,

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