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Sapporo Christmas Factory

December 24, 2016

Every year, a jumbo Christmas tree is set in the Atrium of Sapporo Factory. This year, the Christmas tree was brought from Hiroo Santaland, Hokkaido. The height of this tree is about 15 meters and it was decorated by LED and ornaments.
Since it snowed historically and its access was not so convenient on that day, not so many visitors have come to this place to see the tree. Some of them seem to come from overseas. The guts to come there on that condition should be respected.
By the way, there is a stage under the tree and some people were sitting on its chairs in front of the tree. At first, I thought that they were waiting for some events. A few minutes later, I finally found they were just sitting and taking a rest. I hope they will be able to see a show there someday.
Merry Christmas!

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