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Pole Town

Pole Town is one of the underground malls in Sapporo. This underground mall lasts for about 400 meters between Odori station and Susukino station. By the way, another underground mall is called Aurora town. Now, these underground malls celebrate the 45th anniversary.

I sometimes pass through this underground mall. It is quite convenient to move to Sususkino area from Odori station since I don’t have to worry about the weather such as snow or rain. It seems that the locals tend to prefer underground or inside buildings due to this reason.

Last time, I had lunch at a nice ramen restaurant in the mall with a friend. At that time, he had to arrive at Sapporo station on time to catch a train. So, after finishing the lunch, we run to the station passing through the underground. Without going out on the ground, we could arrive at the station on time within 20 mins since the restaurant. In addition, I also found that it wasn't good to run just after eating.

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