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Osaka University

Osaka University used to be the 6th oldest imperial universities established in 1931. In “QS World University Rankings 2016/17”, this university is ranked 63rd in the world or 4th highest in Japan. Its motto is “Live Locally, Grow Globally”.

Osaka University has 11 faculties and some graduate schools. The faculties consist of Dentistry, Economics, Engineering, Engineering Science, Foreign Studies, Human Sciences, Law, Letters, Medicine, Pharmaceutical Science, and Science.

While I said Osaka University was established in 1931, this university originates from "TekiJyuku" which was founded in 1838. "TekiJyuku" was a private academy of western studies. Although this private academy was small and operated only for 30 years, it produced a lot of talented disciples who served as a foundation for the modern nation such as Masujiro Omura and Yukichi Fukuzawa.

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