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Tokyo Institute of Technology

January 13, 2017

Tokyo Institute of Technology was established in 1881 in Kuramae, Tokyo. After the Great Kanto earthquake, this university moved to Ookayama. In “QS World University Rankings 2016/17”, this university is ranked 56th in the world or 3rd highest in Japan. 


The curriculum structure of Tokyo Institute of Technology is a bit different from others. Excepting liberal arts, this university has 6 schools. Each school contains its undergraduate major and graduate major. Through this structure, students can have a comprehensive vision of their curricula until their graduation and choose various studies.  


The Nobel laureate in Physiology or Medicine winner of this year, Honorary Professor Yoshinori Ohsumi belongs to Tokyo Institute of Technology. It is good to produce a Nobel Prize winner from alma mater since students can boast it.


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