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University Rankings in Japan

According to University rankings of “QS World University Rankings 2016/17”, The University of Tokyo is the highest ranked university in Japan. The following universities are the top 8 ranked universities in Japan. The number of each university is its rank in the world. The University of Tokyo, 34th place Kyoto University, 37th place Tokyo Institute of Technology, 56th place Osaka University, 63rd place Tohoku University, 75th place Nagoya University, 115th place Hokkaido University, 130th place Kyushu University, 135th place Excepting Tokyo Institute of Technology, these universities used to be imperial universities which were established based on the low before world war Ⅱ. These universities have been leading Japanese education and research since then. In this list, only two universities are located in Tokyo and other 6 universities are located in major cities in local regions of Japan. Due to the traditional government policy, high education can be available in not only Tokyo but also local major cities in Japan. Since today, we want to introduce some of these universities in this blog. It might be a good decision to go on to these universities after mastering Japanese in Sapporo from the view of saving costs.

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