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Japanese language teachers in overseas

As previously noted, the number of Japanese language teachers in overseas is 64,041. Then, we have another question. Who are they?

In terms of nation, China has the most Japanese language teachers and the number of them is 18,312, followed by 14,855 of Korea and 4,540 of Indonesia. In connection with it, 37,868 teachers are in East Asia and 10,357 teachers are in South-east Asia while 4,621 teachers are in North America (The Japan Foundation 2016).

From the view of education stages, 20,969 of all Japanese language teachers belong to high education and 11,827 teachers belong to secondary education while teachers who belong to primary education are 1,478 (The Japan Foundation 2016). In terms of the number of student per teacher, by my calculation, 143.0 students per teacher are in primary education and 141.5 students per teacher are in secondary education. It seems too much, compared with 48.1 of high education.


The Japan Foundation 2016, The flash report of the results of survey about overseas institution of Japanese-language education, viewed 13 December 2016, < >

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