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International students in Japan

Until now, we argued about students learning the Japanese language. This time, we will find who studies in Japan. They will include students studying their majors in universities and so on beside students learning the Japanese language.

Firstly, all of the international students in Japan are 208,379. 45.2% of the international students are from China, followed by 18.7% of Vietnam and 7.8% of Nepal. 92.7% of international students come from Asia. In terms of region, 33.5% of the all international students are in Tokyo, followed by 7.3% in Osaka. 1.3% are in Hokkaido (JASSO 2016).

In the view of enrollment status, 32.4% of international students are enrolled in undergraduate courses, followed by 27.0% of Japanese language institution and 19.9% of graduate schools. In the view of major fields, 45.2% of respondents major in humanities, followed by 26.4% of social science and 11.8% of engineering. Humanities may include Japanese-language (JASSO 2016).

To sum up, it can be said that one of the typical international students is a Chinese university student studying Japanese in Tokyo. It means the top picture have nothing to do with this finding.

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JASSO 2016, survey of the enrollment status of foreign international students, viewed 15 December 2016,

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