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Our proposal of mutual links

February 1, 2017


Dear our readers,


We are looking for websites which can link URL mutually. If you have a website which can be linked our website, please paste the following URL.



It's a website for students who want to study in Japan. You will find why Sapporo is the most suitable city to study Japanese in the world!


*You can omit this description of our website when linking.



After pasting the URL on your website, please contact us from this page. We will paste your URL on our website.


We will welcome the following websites especially.


  • Websites of Japanese-language schools

  • Websites of schools which have Japanese-language courses

  • Websites of communities for studying Japanese-language

  • Websites of individuals who are interested in Japan or Japanese-language


We also would like to be offered mutual links by other than the above websites. If it is suitable, we will have mutual links to the offered websites.


Thank you for your consideration!


Kind regards,


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