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Rikyu is a noodle restaurant in Shinsapporo. I went to Rikyu a few months ago after coming back from Tokyo because there is a transition at Shinsapporo station from New Chitose airport. I was looking forward to visiting this restaurant because it serves tantanmen noodle. When I went to this restaurant, there was a pair of customers and they were talking seriously. The cook was a young guy.

I ordered a tantanmen noodle. After waiting for a while, he served a big bowl to me. I was eating it seeing TV program on a television at the corner. It was tasty and hot a little. It is good to have spicy foods in winter because it made my body hot.

Since this menu originates from China, international students from China especially may prefer this menu. On the other hand, it may be difficult for international students who don’t have the custom to have spicy foods to have this menu. Generally speaking, there are many ethnic restaurants in Sapporo and they can serve various foods of many countries. However, some say many ethnic foods in Japan taste of Japanese foods because soy sauce and other Japanese ingredients are used in many foods in japan. I have no idea as I haven't eaten most of the original ethnic foods.

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