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It is important for not only domestic students but also international students to secure places to study by oneself. Chieria can be one of them. Chieria is a complex public facility and it is also called Sapporo Lifelong Learning Research and Development Center. This large facility is located near Miyanosawa station of subway Tozai line. It is possible to go into the facility from its ticket gates through buildings directly.

Chieria has four facilities, "Lifelong Learning Center", "Miyanosawa youth activity center", "Education center" and "Recycle Plaza". "Lifelong Learning Center" has a small library. It seems that many events are held at this facility.

When I went to Chieria last time, many students were studying at a room in it. They might study for exams to enroll universities. Many toddlers also came with their parents. As this facility is used by not only young people but also elderly people, this facility is the literally “lifelong” facility. In other words, it can be used “From the cradle to the grave”.

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