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It may be a good idea for international students to enjoy listening to music of concerts from time to time during studying in Japan because it is not necessary to understand the Japanese language perfectly for listening music. Kitara is a concert hall located in Nakajima Park. This hall is a home of Sapporo Symphony Orchestra. Mainly classic concerts are held in this place. Many concerts have been held at this hall.

Soon after Kitara was established, I visited there to see kabuki, Japanese traditional drama. Actually, I barely understood the contents because words what actors talked was different from these of nowadays. It is better for me to enjoy the music than kabuki due to the same reason of international students. I only remember that its hall was so large and gorgeous.

I went to Kitara a few months ago for the first time since my first visit. There were few people at the entrance. Although there was no chair to take a rest, it was comfortable to stay there because this building was warm and large. While I was at the entrance, an elderly person had come to it. He seemed to hang out without any purpose. When I left, I found that a station of streetcars is near from this facility. It may be a good place to visit during taking a walk.

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