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If you start studying in Japan, you may open your bank account firstly. In Sapporo, you can also do shopping at a bank. BISSE is a shopping mall located right by Odori Park. This shopping mall is in a building which was built as a headquarters of a local bank.

There are about 30 shops and restaurants in this mall. The basement floor of this mall is connected with Chikaho, an underground walkway between Sapporo station and Odori station. Although there are many fashionable shops on the aboveground floors of this mall, an ordinary convenience store, and drug store are located on its basement floor. Ordinary people may have to stay at underground.

Regardless my status, I tried to go to its aboveground floors a few months ago. At fourth floor, I found some restaurants. It looked nice and the menu seemed tasty, but the prices were not so ordinary. So I gave up having a lunch there. Although I wasn’t kicked out from the mall, I had nothing to do there.

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