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Freestyle skiers in the Snow festival

When I was walking the venue of Sapporo snow festival, the air shows of freestyle skiers had just started in 3 chome of Odori site. So I stopped there and watched the performance. It was 5 o’clock in the evening and getting dark, but I didn’t feel cold so much. So I could stay for a while.

Firstly, the moderator introduced the skiers one by one when they performed. I was surprised a little because they were so young. The youngest skier was an 11 years old girl. When I was 11 years old, I could ski but couldn’t jump from such high ski jump. By the way, the oldest skier was a 22 years old boy. In this field, more than 20 years old may mean old hand.

Their performances were astonishing. After stating skiing, they turned in the air and landed without any mistakes. In the twilight gloom, they were lighted fantastically. I enjoyed their performances among the crowd. Their performances were worth to pay, although I didn’t pay anything actually.

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