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OTC drug

If an international student feels sick but it is not serious enough to go to a doctor, one of the solutions is to take an OTC drug. OTC drug which stands for an Over-the-counter drug is a drug sold without a prescription. It can be bought at many shops such as drug stores or convenient stores. Some of them are available on the internet. The number of OTC drug has increased recently because the government wants patients to get cured personally as far as possible to reduce the gross medical costs. In short, it says “Do it yourself!”

There are many types of OTC drugs including cold medicines, dermatological agent, fomentation, ophthalmic drug, Chinese herbs, and so on. Depending on the classification of drugs, OTC drugs are sold at different classified stores. It is required for some OTC drugs to be explained by pharmacists.

I barely buy drugs nowadays but I used to take Seirogan, a digestive medicine. This stinking medicine was launched more than one century ago and it has become one of the most popular medicines in Japan. Seirogan is bought as a souvenir by foreign visitors recently.

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