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Asian Winter Games

Asian Winter Games is an international meet held once every 4 years mostly. In the games, the entrants do some winter sports such as alpine skiing, ski jumping, snowboard, speed skating and so on. The Eighth Asian Winter Games was held in Sapporo and Obihiro in this February.

As some games were held near my house, I intended to go to see some of them. However, some games needed tickets which were not so cheap. Other games could be seen for free, but these games were held in venues which were far from the central district. Due to these reasons, I hesitated to go to see some games. At last, I found that I could watch these games on the website by streaming delivery in real time.

So, I watched a curling game on the website. (Actually, it was held near my house.) It was Japan versus China. I didn’t know the rule of curling well and I was watching the game by searching its rules on the internet. On the whole, audiences were few and the game was so quiet. Although I didn’t know the rule well, I found China was stronger than Japan, and Japan was likely to lose in the middle of the game. Suddenly the game finished and Japan lost. I was sorry for the result but I found that curling was interesting. In the evening, the most news programs didn’t mention this game.

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