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Hinamaturi is a Doll Festival and it is also called the peach festival. It is held for praying healthy growth of girls on March 3. This festival has a history of more than a millennium. It is celebrated with cubic rice crackers, scattered sushi, and white sake.

People display hina dolls. Hina dolls are so expensive because they consist of several members which describe court aristocracy in the Heian period. Usually, it costs from hundreds of dollars to thousands of dollars.

As I found these hina dolls at an office yesterday, I noticed that today is Hinamatsuri. Since I don’t have any sisters, I haven’t seen hina dolls at home in my childhood. Still, I have known a legend which scares many girls. It means that if hina dolls are not packed up after the festival immediately, the owner girl can’t get married during her early life. It may be sort of curse.

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