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Voice of foreign students: study

If you are considering to study in Sapporo, it is a good idea to listen to voices of foreign students who have been studying in Sapporo. There is a good report, "Survey on attracting foreign students". This report was submitted to Sapporo city by a private company. The original report is written in Japanese and published on the website of Sapporo city. I want to introduce some opinions from this report.

Firstly, I want to show the reasons to choose Sapporo to study. Some students said that they had come to Hokkaido because they wanted to study specific fields with specific professors. Many of them decided it by aiming at Hokkaido University. Especially, many Indonesian students studying science field was aiming at this university. Some students said that Japan is on the front lines in environmental science, especially. By the way, all of the students who answered the interview have won some scholarships.

This hearing was conducted in universities. The students seem to be satisfied with the condition of their study and they didn’t mention about anxiously of Japanese language skill. I don’t know how and where they learned Japanese. They may study Japanese in their countries in advance. It may not matter to lack of language skills at first. Even if so, there are plenty of ways to learn Japanese in Sapporo. In any case, they seem to be able to focus on studying specific fields.

Source: City of Sapporo 2015, Survey on attracting foreign students, viewed 8 March 2017, <>

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