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Sapporo International Art Festival

Sapporo International Art festival (SIAF) is held once every three years by the city of Sapporo. Next time, it will be held from 6 August to 1 October in 2017. This time, the theme of this festival is “What is an art festival?” I want them to think it before its publication.

Anyway, this art festival seems to be held with so large scale and many people support it. For example, it will be held in many places including Susukino district, Tanuki-koji mall, Maruyama-area, Moerenuma Park and so on. Many big shots in art field will join this festival.

For now, “Oburoshiki summit” is held as part of Oburosihi project in this month. “Oburosiki” means literally a large wrapping cloth, but it also means "a pipe dream". It seems that the name can be interpreted as both meanings. When I went to see the meeting to prepare the project, they talked about the large scale plan. They were sewing many colorful wrapping clothes at the stronghold.

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