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Sapporo Olympic

Sapporo Olympic has something to do with 3 numbers of years which are 1940, 1972 and 2026. I will explain the three numbers. Firstly, the Asian first summer Olympic in Sapporo was scheduled for 1940. However, it was canceled due to the war.

Secondly, the most famous number is 1972, the year in which Sapporo Olympic Winter Game was held. This was the first Olympic winter game held in Japan and Asia. Although the country which won the medal most was the Soviet Union, Japan won the first gold medal in Olympic winter game at that time. Thanks for this Olympic, Sapporo developed many infrastructures including subways and underground shopping mall. Some housing complexes were built as Olympic villages.

Now, the city of Sapporo began to aim at holding the winter Olympic in 2026, again. It may be good for renewing its infrastructure. However, some said that it is difficult to hold the Olympic in Sapporo in 2026 because it would be held just after 6 years of Tokyo Olympic in 2020. In any case, it will conclude whether it is held or not within few years.

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