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Tsukisamu River

This picture is Tsukisamu River which runs from south to north in Sapporo. This river joins Toyohira River in Shiroishi ward. The name of Tsukisamu originates in Ainu, the language of native people in Hokkaido. Actually, this small river is nothing special and not so famous.

Decades ago, the water control of this river was conducted because this river sometimes was swollen. There were rice fields and plains around the lower reach of this river. Now, these areas have become residential zones along with the increase of population in Sapporo.

You may think this picture took a small river in the winter landscape. Although it was cold and clouded, I felt spring. In spring, snow has become not a powdered state but sherbet state, usually. The snow of this picture was so. As snow gets melt, it looks dirty due to soil and some garbage under the snow. Still, it is nice to feel spring.

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