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Refre Sapporo

Refre Sapporo is a complex facility which includes Sapporo International House. This building is 5-story and has some offices about the city of Sapporo. Sapporo International House has a gymnasium, summing pool, large hall and running course. These rooms are mainly used for interacting between foreigners and citizens. The foreigners are mainly peoples concerned with JICA which has an office next to this facility.

I visited this facility a few days ago. It was so large and comfortable. Somehow, there were some children at the lobby and they seemed to have nothing special to do. It may be a good place to take a rest or meet friends who live near here. I want more occasions to use this facility, but it is a bit hard to commute frequently because it was a little far from my house.

By the way, I didn’t know this facility for a long time. In addition, I couldn’t find an English explanation about it. So, the spelling may be wrong. “International” facility should be explained by not only Japanese but also other languages.

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