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Hokkaido Shinkansen

Hokkaido Shinkansen is the first high-speed train route which reaches Hokkaido. Now, it runs from Shin Aomori station to Shin Hakodate Hokuto station. Thanks to this new railway, it is possible to be about 4 hours from Tokyo to Hokkaido. It began to run on 26th March 2016, and it was commemorated the first anniversary a few weeks ago.

I noticed this anniversary when I went to Chikaho, the underground walkway between Sapporo station to Odori Park because there was a special booth to celebrate it. In the booth, there were small trains and children and their parents rode it. I was interested in it but I didn’t have enough courage to ride it by myself.

Now there is a plan to expand the train route to Sapporo station, but it will take several years. If the plan realizes, it would be convenient to go to other cities from Sapporo. Still, there are many difficulties to solve for the expansion. I don't think it is easy to solve these problems. The place to make the platform at Sapporo station has just been decided at last.

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