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sitatte sapporo

New symbol zone, “sitatte sapporo” is a new shopping facility near Sapporo station. It is connected with Chikaho, underground walkway. This facility has several restaurants, cafes, and shops. It opened on 4th march. By the way, the name of this facility is written with small letters, somehow.

I visited this facility few days after the grand open. Actually, this facility is not so large. Its interior is made of wood and visitors can sit down at the wooden stairway at the central of the building. Although the interior is warm and cozy, the stairway is a little sharp and I felt a bit messed up. In addition, it was too crowded because it has just opened a few days ago. I left within few minutes at that time.

Generally, it may be a nice place to hang out, but I won’t visit this facility for a while. I saw the rating of this facility on google and I found that I wasn’t the only one who felt so. I will visit there again when this facility is settling down.

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