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Dance in a Yukata! ~GYOKEI-dori BONODORI~

👘Dance in a Yukata! ~GYOKEI-dori BONODORI~👘 Date&Time:Aug.13 (Sun ) – 15 (Tue) 6:00 p.m.~8:30p.m.  (kids dance 6:00p.m.~6:45p.m.) Venue:Gyokeidori Shopping District West9 (Chuo-ku,South14,West9) 🚃・3mins walk from Gyokeidori Stop (SC18) by Streetcar 🚇・Subway Namboku Line7mins walk from Horohirabashi Station(N10) ◆Come and join the bon-dance in traditional Japanese dress! Enjoy the festival and meet some locals! Restrictions:For Women 12 up, for Men 5 up,for Children1up per day. How to Apply:Please email with name, Gender (M/ F / K), age, day to prefer To ✉: ※Feel free to join in even if you don’t wear a yukata


※Bon (Obon)” - a time when the Japanese traditionally welcome the spirits of their ancestors. Bon Festivals are widely held in each “Chonaikai” (neighborhood associations). People living in the same neighborhood gather and dance a“Bon-dance” and enjoy festival stalls together.

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