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Soken Gakuen Kan-yobi Japanese Language Course


The goal of these courses is to prepare students to proceed to Japanese universities or technical schools.

Extra-curricular activity
Comprehensible lesson

Admission Requirements

All the requirements listed below must be strictly satisfied on filing.

  • Applicants must be over 18 years of age and recently graduated (within 3 years.)

  • Applicants must have finished high-school or formal education for a minimum period of 12 school years, or must be future graduates at the time they plan to enter SJC.

  • Applicants must pass the N5 level of Japanese Proficiency Test or finish taking more than 150 hours of a Japanese course before the time they plan to apply.


Your Pre-application will be sent to both the language school and this website administrator.

After sending pre-application, you will be noticed the process to enroll in your desired course.

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